What is Phonics

Overcoming behavioral disorders is important and need attention right from the beginning. Most parents ignore intolerable behaviors of their children understanding disorderly behaviors as a part of growing up. It is important to diagnose and treat various disruptive behavior disorders and pervasive development disorders in order to ensure a healthy future. If a child is excessively erratic, shows aggressive behavior and short temper or disobedience, it means he needs special attention to develop his personality and overcome these disorders. Learning to read and write in a fun way is a good place to start.

phonicsPhonics is one of the most adapted and proven ways to make individuals of all ages learn to speak, read and even write any language. In fact, beside of being scientific, it is also a natural way to learn any new language. An infant, with age starts making sounds, which he learns from the people around him. Then he reproduces those sounds to express his needs, using phonics to his needs.

Phonics is described as a method of relating letters in alphabets to their related sounds. For instance, when children are in early stages of schooling, they are taught different words starting from a letter. The purpose at that stage is not of making them learn the word but the sound of each alphabet. This way, children learn to speak, read, spell and even write words according to different sounds.

In English language, there are 26 letters and 44 elementary sounds coming from these letters, called the phonemes. To be able to speak, read and write English, anyone who has gained an understanding of these 44 sounds becomes capable of reading and writing basic English.

In an age when literacy matters the most for every country, inability to read means either of two things. Either a person is mentally ill and is incompetent to take up social responsibilities or belongs to socially devastated area. In both cases, according to several researches, in ability to read leads to higher health risks, and various social stigmas.

Several medical conditions that otherwise need a lot of care and medication can be controlled without medication if a person is able to discipline his lifestyle. Some of them include hypertension, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and loss of memory by ageing.

The ability to read helps individuals process new information, learn new ways to take care of their health more efficiently. Of course, you cannot memorize everything you see and retain it for a long time. You need to write it down, read the names of products you are consuming or medications you are taking, take directions, go through different manuals and product guides, learn changing trends in technology and society and they all come down to a person being literate.

Phonics, on the other hand are easy to learn at any age, and can help in learning to read and write in no time, helping in revitalizing health and social stigmas a person has to face due to illiteracy. Just 44 sounds and some practice to go with it and you are pretty much literate.

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